Friday, July 18, 2008

And Then There were two.

Today I write of the semi-sweetness of Taiwan.  For the last month I have been dreading the day that is soon approaching. The day when the original Berhan Bunch would at last be disbanded. The last week while I have been starting work and getting to know new children, the others of the group have been in ones, twos and fours departing from this life in Taiwan.   The first to go was Tammy, Loren( her boy friend) Whitney, and Mary. Their parting started the suggestion of the others, Sara and Steve the day after, Emily Joy yesterday, and today our dear Laura-Laura-Roo left as well.  Now there are two, Joseph and I, and Tuesday there will be one.  I hope to  find that perhaps after they have all left I will feel like things are starting and not ending.  I have loved having them linger here, to prolong the sweet remembrances of the months before.   As they have moved on with life I am  left with a  sweet taste in my mouth, that will linger till something replaces it.  The experiences here have been so sugar sweet that after having them for so long,I fear, that everything else will  be bitter or bland.  As I start to fill my blog with all that has happened, and will happen here I hope that all of the past will only make me savior the present.   Farewell, dear Berhaners, but never Good Bye.