Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Journey not the Destination

I always wind up at home. No matter where the road I'm running bends or stop, all my roads lead home.
So the final destination is always the same but the journey differs each day.

The way we look at the world changes, and the world changes right along with it. Like a very intelligent man once said, " you can't step in the same river twice"(or was that Pocahontas?). Never once has a man opened his eyes to the same day twice( with the exception being Bill Murray in "Groundhogs Day"). I have started to see that some believe that they do. How can you judge and find one day to be the same as the last? Our daily actives might become menial, and repetative but our eyes have a capability to see even the slightest variation in the most similar of actives. Then we should not become bogged down with drudgery at the end of the day at where we end up( which for the majority of us is a very nice bed), but what we have done, the small things that might have enlightened even the most dreary of days. If from birth to death is journey each of us are taking, and each person on this earth is unique, then the roads across this moral coil are as infinite and innumerable as the stars in the heavens. So to those who are forgetting that each day you open you eyes is a gift so individualized it would be the envy of any personal shopper, open your eyes and see that your journey is what you make it.
Who wants a traveling companion that is forever reminding you of the miles to go, or that thinks the landscape never differs? We all know where we end up, it's how we get there that matters.