Saturday, October 17, 2009

Summer Time( Remembered)

As you might have seen I had a bit of car trouble a few months ago and Foxy has been retired. Fortunately I have a new vehicle, Pedro. He is a wee bit older but still has plenty at miles left on him.
Pedro and I had many adventures this summer here are a few to get you caught up with.

The first week I was home a job was presented to me that I couldn't pass up. Spend 4 week at my Grandparents place to work on their house. They live with my Aunt and Uncle and their two kids. With no extra space I could have slept on the couch for a month, or find my own space. I took the latter. I placed a futon pad in the back of Pedro, and made it home. It was like camping:falling asleep to the sound of the crickets and the chirping of the frogs, and some nights hoping that the cougars didn't eat me.

So I worked. I built stairs, and part of a deck. I pressure washed the house( beware of the exhaust it get hot! yikes),
and painted the front. I mowed the lawn, chopped down trees, and bushes. But the best part was swimming at Papa's swimming hole after all the work was done for the day. Leo(Papa) says that jumping in the river feels like resurrection morning, and I think I believe him.

Other than working, I spent time with my little sister, once even going to a Timber Festival( only in Oregon, right).

But like most I spent a most of my weekends at wedding receptions. In 7 week I went to 8 wedding receptions. If that doesn't make a single girl feel just a little bit lonely, I don't know what will.

The last wedding I went to was for my good friends Steve and Kristen in Salt Lake. In Salt Lake I went to a craft fair and drowned my singleness in pie. Ummm pie.