Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On a Twin Once Again

While I was in Taiwan I had for myself a very nice twin bed. Bed being a loose translation of hard plank of wood with a small layer of padding on top. But after a few months of waking up not feeling one side of my body or the other, I got used to it, and even enjoyed it. Back in the states I was amazed at the luxury of my very own Full sized bed. I could lay on my side and still feel my arms when I woke up! I felt spoiled with comforters and a pillows and sheets that smelled like dryer sheets. But What did I give up to receive such splendor? The children with slanting eyes and wide smiles, friends a few footsteps away, the scoot scoot a toot, Taiwan. Now that my life has put me back on a twin I found that while I gave up some square footage of sleepy time luxury I have gained once again. They are not the same as before, but I still think it was a good trade. I have roommates, a curfew, classes that enlighten me, long hours in the library, and tired eyes. I have papers and quizzes and labs. I get snow in April, and 60 mile an hour winds in May.I get Rock Hard Abs class with Sara, to use my printer again, books and bags and sharpened pencils and bubble sheets and the Testing Center. I had to choose between 12 more square feet and all of that,I think I go the better deal. I'll take the twin any day.