Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am a Kindergarten teacher

I am a kindergarten teacher, and as such I ....

Make a complete fool out of myself for the amusement of small children. Examples include Tuti Tot, pretending to be frogs, snakes, witches, and rolling pumpkins.

Get to make complete fools out of the small children that I teach for my amusement. Examples include Tuti Tot, pertending to be frogs, snakes, witches, and rolling pumpkins.

am on the receiving end of a lot of uncomplicated love.

get to make projects that even a mother wouldn't love.

get to make projects that mothers will always keep in a box somewhere,and when they take it out they will smile.

Get to become a child myself for 3 hours( sometimes more) a day.

Get to hang out with some of the cutest kids in the world for 3 hours(sometimes more) a day.

Have to become more of adult then I have ever been.

would be dead a few times over if looks could kill.

know all the songs and hand motions to Dr. Jeans Favorites CD.

want to punch Dr. Jean in the face for coming up with all the songs on that CD.

have learned how to deal with, whiners, cry babies,and kids who don't listen.

have learned that even though the kids won't always remember me, I will always remember them.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Enrichment, and a movie

This Weekend the ward invited the wife one of a man that one of the teachers does a language exchange with (Whao!) to teach us how to make dumplings. We met at the chapel near near the school and had a good old time, and ate dumplings till we though we where going to burst.

It turns out that most people that attend Berhan are related some how. So we also had 3 of the kids we teach there as well( were all cousins).

After we got back we all were hanging out digesting when in walks in our boss, no knock, no call, no warning. She dose own the school that we live on the 4th floor of but still it was strange. I guess she was trying to figure out how to get a huge water pump up to the fourth floor. She decided that my room would be the easiest. She had some workers pop out my window, move my stuff and drill in my ceiling so they could hoist it up though my window. But in the end it didn't work out and I was left with my room in disarray and concrete dust on the floor.

Later in the Afternoon I and another teacher when to the the new Carrefour in Feng Yuen( eat your hearts out old teachers). It was almost like being home, except for all the Taiwanese. Carrefour is French Superstore and has lots of European foods to tied me over till I get back home.

And that Evening we went to see a new Taiwanese move called Cape 7. It was cute, but could have been a lot better. But the best part of the evening was getting my picture taken with James Bond. He is the epitome of manliness. I can't wait to see the movie when it comes out next month.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hong Kong Day 5

Monday October 13

Monday we woke up early for the first time. We had to check out by 10:30 and we wanted to go to Victoria Peak before we did. We took a tram up the mountain to the peak. It was so steep it felt like we were going up a roller-coster right before the big drop. But at points it was so steep that it had to stop, or practically.

It was a very windy morning as you could tell from my hair. But is was nice for our hike around the peak. We could see almost all the away around the island. It was amazing.

This was a rubber tree that was brought over from India. It was huge.

After the peak we checked out of our small room and walk around a bit until we went to the Hong Kong Art Museum. They had this amazing sculpture hanging form the ceiling that was pretty cool.

This was my favorite piece. It was 3D and went on to the floor. After I took the picture I was busted, but it was worth it for me.

After our not as luxurious flight back we caught the last bus back to Feng Yuan. We were spent and happy to sleep in our own beds.

Hong Kong Day 4

Sunday October 12th

We woke up when we felt like it Sunday morning. Since the General Conference broadcast was being shone in Asia we didn't really have any where to go. We got all pretty and hoped on the Star Ferry to cross the bay to Hong Kong it was a fun little ride, and a change from the MRT that we had been taking. After disembarking we ran to catch the next ferry to see the big buddha about 30 min away. I didn't realize that after getting off the boat we had to ride a bus around very narrow roads for the next 30 min to get there. But I believe that it was totally worth it. It is the biggest sitting buddha in Asia, and we couldn't bring any meat with you on the grounds. We checked out the surrounding temples and I was almost blinded by all the burning that was going on.

Here's the ferry and the pier that we were on.

After our Sunday nap we took a walking tour around Hong Kong. We saw some of the main buildings, and Hong Kong Park. It didn't take as long as we thought even with getting lost a few times.

Of corse is had to pose it up. I just can't help myself.

The last thing that we did was the Light Show. We had been told that is was this amazing thing that is a must see while in Hong Kong. But I guess the speakers were out for the music, and to me is was some lame lasers and lights blinking across the bay. But I least I can say that I did it. After doing so much the last few days we took the night to relax in the cupboard, and pack our thing for the next day. By this point I had some pretty awesome blisters on my feet, and I was happy to relax for a bit.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hong Kong Day 3

Saturday October 11th
This was one of my favorite days I don't have a lot to say but I think the pictures do most of the talking for me

Although we woke late again we had a deffinate goal in mind, Macau. It was quite a hike just to get to the dock but it was worth it. It turned out to be a beautlful day.

When we checked in for the fairy we had to go though immergation as well. We just made it, we ran to our boat. Macau was about an hour away. When we got there we had to go though immergation again, boo.

When we exited the docks there was a man that would have peddld us around Macau. Even though it is a dream of mine to ride in a rickshaw,we opted out of that one and took the very cheep buses instead. Mostly we just walked around with all the tourest, but it was so lovley and european( and that was big change form what I have been seeing the last 10 months) that we didn't care.

One of the quiter palces that we went to was a garden away form the crowds.

Before we left I wanted to try some Portagues food. It was very very good. The Coconut milkshake, although not Portagues, was very good as well.

We left happily fed but sunburnt, and with only one minor turn around on a bus(which we were redirected by yet another very helpful native) we returned home in time to go to my last pants fitting, and go to H and M. H and M is now my new favorite store I love it. Yeah for H and M. ( The black and white long coat in the pictures of the cupboard was what I got there)

We dropped off out goodies at the cupboard, and found some food for Sunday, and fell happily into bed after a very long day.