Friday, September 26, 2008

My Birthday, My Hair, My Kids and yours

I have just loaded my pictures from the last 15 days of my life, and I have decided that I'm boring or I the pictures representing my life are, either way. But I do have a few things to update on.

My Birthday

I took that day off from school and went shopping in the morning, but still had attend the required staff meeting. What's the point of taking the day off when in the middle of it I had to attend an hour long meeting. Oh the joys of head teaching, and responsibility. After the meeting my lovely roommate, Lish and one of the other teachers, took me out for lunch at Amici's. I love Taiwanese Italian food. As a treat for my birthday I though that I would go get a massage. But before you get the idea of zen music, and relaxation in your head, let me tell you how it was. I had heard that it was a bit different than the states but I had no idea. There was zen music, but the relaxation was replaced with pain.

I guess in Taiwan its good to brake blood vessels to promote circulation. But doesn't do that do the opposite? Oh Well. But within the hour long pain fest, there were times where I had to practice deep breathing to keep myself form screaming out, " Hey lady, what the H$$ are you doing to me"! But when it was time to go I started to get up and felt kinda wired, like I was on drugs. So I did the get the desired effect, euphoria. But unlike other massages where these feeling are brought on from peace and gentle rubbing motions, it was most likely brought on by endorphins being pumped into body because of all the pain I was in. But after the drug like high ended I had the bruises to remind me of torture that I paid for.

After I had returned home I finished my lovely Birthday cake, and made my Birthday dinner of Enchiladas. Yummy. Don't feel sad for me that I made my own birthday dinner, I wanted to.

So I'm 23 and loving it up. I don't know how I'll top 22 but some how I know I will.

My Hair

I wanted to get my hair washed on my birthday but I just didn't have the time to. But the day after I went and did it. Happy Hair is hair heaven. After a 20 min head massage, (this includes sitting in a massage chair for the whole time, which in some ways was better than the one I got on my birthday, you know, no bruises is a plus) and having a pound of my hair thinned out and it was done. I love it! I feels so much better, especially in this heat.

My kids and yours

Upon returning to teaching on Wednesday I got a nice surprise. One of my kids called me Miss Laura. I then ask most of the other kids if they remembered the old teachers, from 3 months ago now, and of course they did. So I found a few others and ask them the same questions. I hope you like these messages.

It's nice to know that even after all of my Berhan friends are gone, I get to continue their legacy though the kids they taught.

Don't worry for those that do not have a message this time, I'll try to work everyone in. But I just turns out that I'm around the MK and KBR/ BR/ 1st grad kids a lot, and they are here all day. Sad:(


Mary said...

Thank you! That's so sweet, and it makes me day! I love you Jess!

I think I'm going to send letters to my kids... can I send them to you?

Audrey & Adam Cottam said...

I must say your hair is quite sassy! Love it! You look HOT!