Friday, January 14, 2011

Davis, California

As part of the requirements to graduate with a Biology degree from BYU-Idaho I need an internship. It can be any thing really to do with Biology. As my fortune would have it I was offered a internship in the winter in Davis California. Now, you might thing why is getting an unpaid internship a thing of fortune, ahhh... I will tell you.

If you have anything to do with Idaho in the winter you might already know where I am going with this. Yes, no more snow, or ice, or excessive wind that chills you to the bones. There are palm trees here, that's right palm trees lots of crow and rat infested palm trees and that means no snow. Yeah!

Also being in California means Asians. Yes Asians, and I love it. It's almost like being back in Taiwan with one large difference, they don't care that I'm white. No one asking for my picture just to have it, I guess I'll get over it.

Along with being chalk full of Asians Davis is also one of the most bike friendly towns in the country, so there are rows and rows of bikes everywhere just like Taiwan. They also have Olive, Orange, and Lemon trees lining the streets, it's great.

So Davis is where I am, but what am I doing? I am working in a Lab on the UC Davis campus studying bacterial chemotaxis, fancy, hu? So for the most of my days I am stuck inside a ugly concrete building, pouring agar plates and measuring bacterial
colonies. Uuh, maybe not so fancy.


The Bishop Family said...

Now I know where you spend all of your time. In a fancy little lab! I love you and hope that you are having fun!

Shan said...

That is so AWEsome! I hope you are loving it! Happy Chinese New Year!