Thursday, March 15, 2012

As I very quickly mentioned in the previous post it was a busy year.

School wise, I finished my major and my second minor and all of my 400 level classes. I took naps in the Library, Food court (Cross Roads), and on a bench outside the Microbiology Lab. I grew Green African monkey kidney cells ( it's a real kind of monkey...p.s. they are not actually green) in a lab then infected them with HPV and killed them. And truly and sincerely developed a great dislike for one of my professors( first and hopefully the last because it was absolutely exhausting to be pleasant to a person who was know.... the worst person ever...I get mad even just talking about it). Also developed a friendship with a teacher. It was so much fun to get to know him as a person that hates finals week just as much as the rest of us.

Social Life wise, you can pretty much read the previous paragraph and summarize what kind of social life I had. The best relationships that I had were with the Library, my study groups, my computer, and some pretty rad roommates that would every now and again drag me from my room/ library/computer/ books/papers to karaoke, get ice cream, party,or go to the gym. May the Lord bless them forever for putting up with me.

Other than the studying I made the terrible mistake of going out with a study buddy. Word to the wise, don't do this, for after studying for 8+ hours for a Biochem test one might to lose judgement and might begin to think," yeah he is kinda cute when he is trying to remember the charge of proline", or "that amino acid joke was so funny", or " that his ' if I'm lost translation just blame my RNA' T-shirt is pretty sweet and kinda want to purchase one". If any of these thing come to your mind it's time to stop studying, take a nap( in any of the aforementioned locations)and take the test because none of those things are true, they are just the result of a mixture of no sleep and that thing that happens when you look at a simple word for a super long time and think it looks wrong, but its right, but in this case it is wrong, and starts to look right. Because after the amino acid joke stop being funny you're left with an awkward night to fill and some weird tension for the rest of the term. Not that this will happen to everyone but again, something to think about.
But I am happy to announce that other people in my life have lives that I was a part of. Two of my wonderful friends got married, and two of my sisters are pregnant, so life dose goes on even
when you feel like you might be standing still.

Travel wise, it was a fun one.
-->San Fransisco
--> Davis
---> Medford
--> Rexburg

-->St. George
--> Oceanside

--> Las Vegas
--> Pensacola
--> Las Vegas
--> Idaho Falls
--> Salt Lake City
--> Manti
--> Salt Lake City
--> St. George
--> L.A.
--> Newport
--> L.A.
---> Medford
--> Rexburg
--> Medford.

Hobby wise, I gained a few.
Paper mache... don't know if it's a real hobby but its so much fun.... seriously.
Geocaching: It's free +outside+ treasure hunt + sneaky= awesome

There you go all caught up... sorta.


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Hooray! You're writing again!

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