Saturday, December 29, 2007

Getting Here

This is a perfect example of Chinglish.                  View from my apartment

We got to Taiwan, and we loved them already      Fabulous sign in the Taipei Airport. Beware the                                                                                                       Quarantine beagles!!!
P.S. I tried to copy paste the blog in here and didn't work, so just sent it out as a email. But here are the pics and some explanation.

This Mary and I before we left LAX, we found out that we have the same sun glasses, instant friend.

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Audrey & Adam Cottam said...

Yea you made it! I made a post on my blog about you too! To upload your pictures really easy you need to upload Picasa. Go to and download the program. There is an option to upload your pictures and put it into a collage the upload it to blogspot super fast. notice that I have been using the collage tool on my blog a lot! I am glad you are doing good. Post as much as you can, so I can keep tabs on you! Love you lots!