Sunday, January 27, 2008

Getting Lost

As some of you might or might not know Jessica has a tendency to get lost.  I believe that it is due that she is easily distracted by sparkly objects, though some might disagree. This weekend I again found me separated from the group. On this occasion I do not use the word lost, for I knew where I was the whole time, it was the group who lost me.  
This week had been a good one with the children, with only a few minor accidents. While playing POP! Goes the Weasel, which is very similar to Duck Duck Duck Goose, nay, identical.  Two children where running and one got tagged, and  slid into a chair and received two rather gross looking wounds on his head.  I sent him to get patched up by the very attentive secretaries who later asked me what happened.  As was trying to explain the game and what happened, I was cutoff and all she said was,"oh, accident", and left the room.  I had hoped that seeing one of there fellow class mates maimed by this game would have dissuaded the other children from wanting to play it, but on the contrary it only made them want to play it more.  My only explanation for this is that they are all adrenaline junkies, and Pop! Goes the Weasel  is the only way they can get their fix. Kids. Other then this minor injury, no other harm or accident has come to my children, yet.  The rest of the week was uneventful, but the weekend was chalk full of fun.  
On Saturday the whole apartment was woken up by the soothing sounds of 
jackhammering on the 1st floor of this concrete building I live in. 
The school had to redo on of the bathrooms and had to rip out everything. The floor vibrates and the 
sounds continued until we left to go clean the church in Taichung. Though when we got there 
everything was every done. We did have a opportunity to help our Branch President move, but
I and most of the rest of the group went shopping instead. We are the very symbols of
selflessness, aren't we. There was a large mall that we visited, but all I bought was food from 
the food court. We then wondered in the Night Market stalls that where jumbled together in
alleyways between buildings. As about 7 of us tried to stay together snaking though the rain
flooded gutters that were the walkway, it was only a matter of time before a found myself 
looking at bags, or hair clips and was lost. I, having had ample opportunities to be lost and
was not frightened in the least. I knew my way home and now I could take as long as I wanted 
looking at the things that surely the boys in our group would have no desire to linger and
look at. For about an half an hour I looked over the vendors goods, enjoying most of it. But 
just I was going to turn the corner on to a main street I came face to face with the group that that
had wondered on without me. Want to hear the saddest part of the tale, they didn't even know
I was gone. This shouldn't be surprise to many of you, as you might remember the story 
of Jessica being left at a house that her parents were looking at buying, and chilling for a 
45 min. until her parents realized that there where 4 girls in the car and not 5 and turned
around to collect her. This only one of the many and varied tales of her childhood abandonment.  
But to continue, we then separated into smaller groups, mine staying to shop
some more, as up to this point I had yet to buy anything in Taiwan that I did not later consume.
My group consisted of Whitney and Tammy.
Two wonderful girls at wanted to shop just as much as I did. At last I bought something that
I would not be consuming. A fab bag to fit all of my church crap in. And 4 moves, mostly old
musicals that I found out later I can only watch on my computer or on a special sckechy Taiwan
DVD player. Fortunately our apartment owns one such sckechy DVD player so all is not lost.
After this lovely day we ate at the one American restaurant in walking distance, TGI Fridays.
Don't judge me, it was wonderful. We all got some-sort of Mexican fare, and cold water which they
rarely serve here, for the most part its hot, or warm. After this meal I was completely content.
We then proceeded about a block to the bus stop. On the way I was practicing saying Fung Yuan,
the place I live, to I could ask the diver to make sure I was getting on the right bus. I then realized
that right now I was some strange white chick repeating a city name over and over. It was if I could
just hear someone repeating to themselves, Medford, MEDford, medFORD. I told the girls and we
thought it was so funny. Perhaps that the next time you hear someone muttering something to
themselves on a street corner you won't be to quick to judge, they could be just practicing their 
English.:) We got home and heard the adventures other girls they had that day.
If you want to hear them too you can click on the links, I think they are all working now. They are
all worth reading.
P.S. Pictures coming soon.


CMD said...

I think you lost your links to other pages

Mary said...

I didn't know you got lost! And I love your background, by the way. And I'm a little sad that I can't read part of your words... :(

Audrey & Adam Cottam said...

I think the problem is that you always vear off track. I do recall a few times when you came to see me in Portland and when I looked behind me ytou were gone. You have a tendency to get distracted easily and not let anyone know. It is a sad situation. I am glad you fould your group again!

PS. Papa is doing a little better! The new pace maker is working well. Naomi is in SLC now visiting Papa so she is giving me the updates.

Love ya!