Tuesday, January 1, 2008

School is Sarting

For the last few days we have been training for teaching english, and making our lesson plans for the next week. I get the afternoon kindergarden classes and the 2nd grade enrichment classes. The enrichment classes are for the kids that stared the program a little bit latter than  the rest, and need extra practice speaking.  So our first day of classes are on Friday and I'm still not sure what I'm doing.  But not all of it is work. We got to go to a outdoor shopping, alley, it was crazy.  But they have super trendy clothes and I love everything, it's just to bad that I'm, lets just say, super-sized compared to every-other Asian. But you do feel famous here. While walking thought the shopping alley this young girl was walking behind her mother and just turned around and starred at me. I smiled and said hi, and she just kept on looking at me. It was so funny that I couldn't stop looking at her. So we were just walking look at each other, mostly because the other was still looking.  After jostling though the shopping alley we stopped by the local Buddhist Temple.  It was so decretive and had all these lanterns hanging up in front. We wondered around for a while trying to figure out it all when this wonderful Taiwanese lady came up to us and asked if we had someone to help us, and proceeded to guide us though all the different Gods they pray to, and for what.  In this specific temple there was a God that you could pray to, for them to send you Mr. Wright. Our tour guide, Ellie, was educated in the UK and was going for her PhD in Education here in Taiwan and on this day was praying for the test results would be good. It was wonderful to know just a little bit more the people and there way of life. The next day was spent putting together our lesson plans, all day. We did a little more biking around the city and trying to find cheese, which is almost impossible to find here. And you know how much I like cheese.  But today was just more of the same, working on lessons and having a mini breakdown. But I'm ok I just hope that tomorrow goes ok. I mean, it will, and will not cry in front of these kids.... I hope. Pray for me.   PS if you want to see more pictures you can look on the other Taiwan blogs that I have links to. There the blogs of the other teachers I work with. 


Audrey & Adam Cottam said...

Jess, I have been scanning some of your school mates blogs and saw some cute pics. It looks like you are having lots of fun!
Love ya, Miss ya

CMD said...

the links to Steve and Saras pages dont work. FYI :-)