Sunday, March 16, 2008


                                                                    Rest in Peace
I have big feet. The End. Well not really the end, that would be retarded to post and than just say I have big feet. But it is true and I feel the trial of it even more so being in Taiwan.  Now, there are shoes, man, are they shoes in Taiwan.  They have bows, buckles, buttons, and awesome colored stripes.  When I first arrived here walking down the street brought me so much joy, shoe store after shoe store. But now, after realizing that finding a size 8 is pushing it, walking down the same street greaves me nigh to tears at times.  Just knowing that all the pink, ruffled, and sparkly goodness which are Taiwan shoes, can never be mine.  Because of this injustice I have been forced to ware the same 4 pairs of shoes for the last 3 months.  But in reality since two pairs are nicer for going out or church, I ware 2 pairs for most of the week.  One pair in particular has been used most cruelly. They are my favorite pair of sliver flats. I wore them when it was to cold and wore socks with them.  I now ware them while trying to play tag with a bunch of kindergartners. Now, because of the abuse of which these shoes have been put though, have given up the ghost. They ripped down the side which makes it very hard to ware, or to repair( believe me I have tried, mostly this involved a stapler and tape, and after, a few Band-Aids where the staples puncture my foot).  But I rejoice still at times with the knowledge that on a street in Taipei there is a store, a glorious store indeed, called Sandy Ho's Big Shoes for Ladies.  Like Princess Leia said to  Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sandy Ho, you are my only hope.


Audrey & Adam Cottam said...

that is so funny! :) your poor shoes. I will have to send you a cute pair. What is your address anyways? Send it to my email please. The fam is all getting together in Glide for Easter dinner. It will be fun to see everyone and there new kiddos. You will be missed. Love you lots! I will try and skytype you on my Birthday (March 28th). I havent talked to you in forever.

quil said...

Hurray for Sandy Ho. and for little same-colored-hair-same-hair-style- peace-flashing-"that is what?"-saying-short-people. Hey, let's hit up Sand Ho's and that chocolate factory house in Taipei next weekend--the "must do" two in Taipei.