Wednesday, April 2, 2008


What am I becoming here in Taiwan?  Not Taiwanese that for-sure.  Lets just say that neon colored tights and hot pants are not, or ever will be, my style. Its that little things that slowly seep in that have changed me. Who knew that washing my trash would be second nature. And if I did forget to wash out the peanut butter jar I would become guilt stricken and dive into the recycling to pluck it out from the other sparkling and well sorted recyclables.  I've become a scooter owner this last week. I have reveled in the freedom of staying out late, and making a 5 min bike ride a 3 min scooter ride, and that I now workout more because I no longer have to bike to where I want to hike or run, ridiculous, perhaps.  Like most scooter owners in Taiwan, I've now become a scooter accident victim. Though not a large accident, just enough to shake me up and bring to my remembrance that here yellow lights mean speed up for one way and go for the other.   But know that I have that experience under my helmet chin strap I feel I'm on my way of becoming slightly more acclimated to living in Taiwan.  But in  my own way I hope to perhaps stay off acclamation a bit longer.  I will be sad not to notice the little things any more, the stench garbage while I'm showering, the odd and sometimes astounding fashion choices made by the locals, the wonderful reception that I receive because I am white and don't speak the language.  I hope that I still can see things like a tourist and live like a native.  Be amazed that I live in a place that  is different yet still the same.  I know that becoming comfortable might seem like an inescapable  future, but it is my hope to stay uncomfortable for just a bit longer.( My sore ankle from the accident will help, at lest for the time being) 


Audrey & Adam Cottam said...

be careful on that scooter!

I wanted to say thank you for the pretty birthday car! I felt all warm a fuzzy on the inside, to get a birthday card all the way from Taiwan! Love you Jess!

GreenTaiwan said...

Bravo! I must say well done, way to be creative. I think more people need to talk about the way we feel.