Saturday, November 8, 2008

James Bond

The New James Bond

I went to see the new James Bond film tonight, and came out of theater feeling neither motion sick by the high speed car chases , non anoyed by a Bond Bimbo. Unlike like most Bond movies where the Bond is understuctable, the new Bond has depth and scars. Though he keeps the suave, sharp shooting, tux waring, arrogant persona, he becomes human. I saw in an interview, that Daniel Craig is trying to bring the dark and the light into the role, and he dose it it wonderfully without jeopardizing the studlyness of "Bond". It makes James Bond more of a believable person, and less of a superhero. Full of anger, revenge driven rage which builds and tells a story, and instead being annoying makes the viewer glad when the bad guy finally gets shot in the face, or stabed, or punched, or foced off a cliff, or brunt to a crisp. And the kind of villain is a bit different as well. The villains are more relevant to today, which makes them more compelling. He is not selling nuclear weapons to Russia anymore( hey, we all know they have them any way), wearing an eye patch( which can still be cool), petting a cat(which is more fruity than cool), or stopping a giant death ray. They are buying water rights and extorting governments. And Bond is helping put down governmental corruption and helping others fulfill their personal vendettas. It's a new gentler bond, that can still kill you with no more than a single glance, and I like it, and totally recommend it.

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joseph said...

I'll have to see it the next chance I get. Maybe Thanksgiving or Christmas break. Hey, good luck finishing up in Taiwan. And if you don't have room for all your stuff in your luggage, like say a gallon bottle of flammable hand sanitizer or something, you can always use it to burn your name into the floor.