Monday, November 17, 2008

My last Day in Gym

I've had the joy of teaching gym the last 6 weeks. We jumped, spun, rolled on the ground and pretend to be all-sorts of animals, and mystical creatures. The secretaries think that because I'm a girl I can't do the same things the boys do in gym. In some part this is true. I can not do a push up with 8 small children on my back, or other amazing feats of strength( Thanks Joe and Steve you have ruined them for life). But while boys have arm strength I have mine in my hips. So I decided to give my kids a treat on my last day in gym and let them ride the teacher.
It started off well with just one at a time, but them kids started to jump on willy-nilly and I soon lost all control.
But the end of the fun I had some many little hands and feet grabbing on to me they didn't care what they were holding on to( hence the pained look on my face). I'm sad that I don't get to crawl around on the floor pretending to be a spider, or roll around like a pumpkin, but there still is opening and closing to mess around with, so all is not lost.


joseph said...

It takes me back, Jess. Those were the days of heroics. I could hold the whole world on my back when I had those kids on me. They were the world. I feel for you having to leave that world.

Sara said...

I love your face in that last picture. Say goodbye to Berhan for all of us. Maybe you could leave a little "we were here" note hidden in the walls or something. :)
I'm so glad you stayed- we needed you there being our eyes and ears to help us get through the homesickness.