Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Flash Backs

I don't know if any one cares to be reminded of the past, but since my life at the moment is not that exciting, I'm dragging out stuff I should have been excited to share over a month ago. Well it's more than a month ago now that I was in Taiwan, but let's start there.

Earthquake Truck Day
Even though it wasn't my day to teach AK I did it anyway. Who wouldn't want to go to earthquake day! We sat in an assembly with the Afternoon kids who were very attentive, and I was the one that was counting floor tiles and talking to my friends.

After the assembly we filed the kids across the street to go in the earthquake truck. It was grate fun, and I wasn't the only one the wanted to go more than once. One of the AK girls asked Miss Meagan," Teacher, one more time". We need something like that in the States,but perhaps they could change it as to prepare children for all types of natural disasters. They can make ones for flooding, tornadoes, and fires, oh I can just imagine the childhood emotional trauma, awesome!

A Taiwan Thanksgiving
It was very exciting to be able to join together as friends, american or not and enjoy the traditional fair of thanksgiving. We had everything, and I mean everything. Mashed potatoes, candy yams, sweet potatoes, turkey gravy, homemade cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and of course more turkey than you could eat. The only loss during that day involved a large box of pies and frog eye salad a scooter and the tunnel of death. Though this unfortunate event was cause of undue stress for a person in the party, the rest of the celebration went off perfectly.

I would have been perfectly happy to go home a sub-come to the food coma that I knew was on it's way, but that night there was a single adult dance and I couldn't miss it.
This was just one of the many dances that we were taught that night, as all dances must be choreographed as per the Taiwanese way.

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Sara said...

Nice! So who wrecked their scooter in the tunnel of death? I feel a kinship with whoever it was.