Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flash Backs #2

Oh I'm not done yet. I was a procrastinator to long not to have lots of back blogging to do.

Good Bye Taiwan
For those of you who were there and for those of you who know about the last 2 weeks of school, I won't go into the accidents and mayhem that broke lose upon the Berhan School of Language. But I will issue my farewell with a reminiscent air and not the bitterness that I have been holding on to the last few months. I lived in and love Taiwan for all of 2008. I find myself thinking of how my kids are doing. It's funny that I still feel that they are in some ways mine. Do all teachers feel this? I know that my heart will always in a very small way want to go back and drink a bing shaw and have a real dong gaw with zen zu, and to play/ teach the kids again, but I know with the rest of my heart that it will not be the same. They are not my kids anymore, they belong to some other teacher, I hope that who ever they are, they will know how precious those kids are.
The other part of good bye goes to the teachers that I worked with, traveled with and the ones that help me see my short comings and then help me grow to over come them. I thank the Lord for all of you and I know that I am better for have had knew you. To Laura, Mary, Emily Joy, Sain, Katie, Destiny, Whitney, Lish, Sara, Tammy, Joe, Steve, Connie, Erin, Megan, Shannon, Emily, Rachelle, Lindsay, Dustin, and Jake, Thank you for one of the most memorable years of my life so far. ( and the best documented:)... you know who you are) P.S. Don't think that this goodbye is, like, forever. Its a Berhan goodbye, whatever that means.

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