Monday, August 11, 2008

A Scoot a root toot

Oh my dear scoot has had some problems as of recently.  The first was a lost or stolen gas cap. I don' t know why any one would want to steal a gas cap, so I think that I didn't push it in hard enough and it fell out.  

Even though I was plagued by images of my scooter bursting into flame  with a stray  cigarette being tossed into my scooter at a stop light. I still drove it around for a whole week before having it replaced.  But the replacing of it is what more or less what
 this story is about.  

So Saturday I went to the Scooter Guy. In my mind I thought that I would be in and out with little or no unconvinced to myself, and have the rest of the after
noon to look for a new wallet( Eheem...Steve). But it turns out my scooter is old and they had to order a new gas cap from somewhere else and so there was waiting involved.  But it was doable.  I went for a walk to my local and friendly Government store, to pick up a snack. When I returned I found my scooter waiting for me, with a new scooter cap.  But as I was already there I asked them to check my tires.

When he looked at my back tire he was a bit concerned, and told me that I would need a new rear tire as well. I  looked at it and saw that yes, it was bald and cracked, so I said yes.  I didn't have the cash with me for a new for a new gas cap and tire, and so I tried to explain.  But even with 6 months of broken Chinese under my belt, did not make my concerns understood.  They set to work flipping my scooter on its side and taking off the wheel. Boo... So to be able to get my scooter back after this repair I asked where I could find a ATM, or 7-11.
  I was able to ask and receive an answer to this question. Most likely do to the fact that 7-11's are as common as drinking fountains in a park, here in Taiwan.  He pointed in a direction, and I knowing that 7-11's are easy to find, set out on my marry little way.  But after walking for 15 min and not hitting a 7-11 I was concerned. To those of you that don't know why this would be a concern for me, let just say that where I live, there are 3 or more 7-11 with in a 15 min walk.  So not seeing one should have told me that I was on the wrong path.   But I did find it after taking a picture of a lovely flower I was back on my way with enough money to get my scooter out of the Scooter Guys grasp. 

Everything was going well until I returned to my scooter  the next day and there was a HUGE puddle of oil under my scooter. What did they do to her!  I hope that it can be fixed with a few turns of a wrench. But if not I hope that it's not the end for my dear friend, the scoot.


thack said...

Jessica! When you say "Steve" don't you mean "them" or "they"....

Mary said...

I'm pretty sure what I wrote doesn't have any spoilers...nothing that I consider to be a spoiler anyway. Just in case your curiosity gets the better of you. :)