Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Flash Backs #3 SLC and Ohio

Ever since I returned from Taiwan it happens that I can't sit still. Two weeks after I arrived home I was gone again for another two week to Utah and Ohio. I don't know if I just wasn't comfortable at home or I felt that since I wasn't teaching I should be doing something. As I have perviously blogged about my road trip with myself I can get right to the good stuff. But the unfortunate part of all of this is my camera charger got lost in the whole move back to the States and it wasn't working for a good part of this trip. But good old Steve took care of it, like he always dose.

I arrived at Sara's place with only a few turn arounds, and secretly cursing the grid system. After all the squeals of joy and excitement were over we sat down and talked for hours. Sara had to work in the morning, so she was out the door even before I woke up. I won't lie it was a bit strange hanging out by-myself in a city I didn't really know how to get around in. But I busted out Sara's lap top, got some taco bell and had a dance party. Well I wasn't feel to good after eating my gordias and jumping up and down for a while, but I did bust out some pretty sweet moves.

On New Years Eve Sara and I went to a Scottish pipe band and dance concert to finally met Steve's girlfriend, and then we went to First Night. We scalped some buttons off some high schoolers and went in. I remember a few things about that night. One, it was cold. Two, I was wearing very wrong shoes. Three, there was a lot of funky recycled art work around. Four, Fire dancers. Five, It was very cold. With all those things combined it was an ok event, where after the fire works I hobbled to the car with my not very approbate shoes on. I felt like I was walking on bloody stumps attached to my ankles.

The next few days I spent catching up with old friends from high school. I was amazed at how fast life moves on. Getting married and having kids goes so fast for some.

Sunday I spent with the Old Berhaners, eating, chatting and hearing how two girls got themselves engaged.
Monday I shopped and drove in the snow and tried to put on chains. I was trying to find Steve's house and I though it was up the hill a little bit more than it was. So when my car couldn't go any more I pulled over to put my chains on. I was in front a house and a old women yelled from the porch and asked if I needed any help. I being very independent and cold said no. But this cute lady said,' I'll send out my husband any way.' Well I was half way done when this nice old many can hobbling out. He watched me, I guess so he could say to his wife that he did his duty. Right as soon as hoped back in the car Steve called. He said, " are you putting on chains?" I said yes, how did you know? He said,"I can see you." I turns out that I didn't really need to put chains on since Steve's house was 100 yards away.
Tuesday I spent travling to Ohio.
The Ohio
Steve and I rented a car, and found Joseph's house thought the maze of one way streets. It was exciting to see that kid again. We ate dinner and and I went to sleep on the couch down stairs wondering what the boys were doing up stairs till two am, mysterious.
Wednesday, after Steve woke up a noon, we tried to figure out what to do. But all we did was, get lost driving around and picking up Joseph from school. But we did spend a pleasant evening shopping and hanging out in the boys room.
Thursday was the big day for Steve and I we went to a Chocolate factory
the Columbus Public Library

and the State Capital.
At the State Capital building there was someone being sworn in to the position on Attorney General of Ohio. After the tour we stopped by for some free food and some punch, I felt like a mooch but I got over it. Later that day we picked up Sara from the airport, and that night it was Sara and I that were talking till late.
Friday was the start of the road trip with my peeps. We stopped at Kirtland to soke up the Pioneer spirt.
When we got to Niagara we spent a very INTERESTING night at the local YMCA. Happily the next night we went somewhere else.
Saturday after I printed out a copy of my passport we were off to visit the friendly neighbors of the north. Once again I put on the wrong shoes for hiking in the snow, but this time they where just cold.

We did some very cool things there in Canada, like paid to much for crapy food and pay 10USD to go into tunnels and see mist OOOO. Ok it was cool.

But by the end of the night we where so ready to get back to the states. But snice the rental car couldn't go over the boarder we had to walk back in the snow.

We drove back to Kirtland Sunday to go to church, and met the missionary couple the took us on the tour two days before. From there we went all the way back home.
Monday we got a tour of the Ohio State Campus from Joseph.

And our flight got delayed 12 hours, so one more night in Ohio. Steve and I were thinking that staying the night in the airport would be a FANTASTIC way way to end our trip, but Sara wasn't so sure,she left us and checked into a hotel. Fortunately Joseph called a friend to pick us up and I slept one more night on the good old couch.

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