Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am NOT a gun Nazi!

There has been a roomer being passed around the singles ward that I am a gun Nazi. I guess this started because I found out that one of the boys in the ward caries a gun on his person all the time. When I saw that he was wearing one on his ankle when we were playing kick ball for FHE, I just thought that was excessive. Why?! I have gotten a few answers some being "But what if..." Really come on... every day, all the time, ridiculous. I am not going to say that he shouldn't or ban all guns etc... But there is a a time and a place for concealed weapons to be worn. Thats all I'm saying.
So to prove that I am not a gun nazi here are some pictures of me with gun, firing guns, and having a good time, in an approbate place, and time.

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joseph said...

hot. you with a gun? very hot.