Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paint Balling

This weekend a group of highly spiritual young adults got together to engage in uplifting and bonding games. Oh, who am I kidding, we shot at each-other any way we could, and cheated and lied our way to victory. We spilt into teams and hid in approbate places in order to be able to crush the other team in to the ground. I curled up in a ball behind a fallen log biding my time to be able to fire a killing shot. But unfortunately the one time I rose my little head to see what I should shoot, I got hit right in my trigger finger. Even though if this had been real I could have continued on ward to victory but, I was shot so I had to raise the white flag and cower off the field till the rest of my team was killed. I would like to say that after that disappointment I was a amazing leader and we were victorious after that but, I can't. For the most part I got hit soon after we started and wasn't a big help to my team. But what can I say other than I still had fun and I got to shoot a gun of shorts.

Brandon: we attacked and painted his face pink and yellow, I think he liked it.

Kurt: I wouldn't dare to paint him, scary!

ME: I look at top of it but I didn't know what was going on.

Rebekah: She attacked me after I had already gotten hit and was walking off the field and pegged me in the face, shows what a good sister she is.


Audrey and Adam Cottam said...

Jess, you look like a storm trooper! Only a super hot one! Ha Ha.

Rebekah said...

Jess I didn't mean to. You know I love you. So I am back to blogging again not like you though. You write like a whole page. I just write a little. Well I love ya.