Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jessie's Cake Face

It is not a surprise to anyone that I love to make cakes. I have made a few beauties in my day but this one out dose them all. In Relief Society we were talking about FHE the next and this boy Jessie's Birthday. I guess he wanted a cake made to look like his body, but I said it would be fun just to do his head. And that just what I did. A face cake, I should start selling these things I'd make a killing. But I had such a good time making it, if you have a birthday and want a face cake, call me up.


Audrey and Adam Cottam said...

Wow, That is so cool! Will you make one for my birthday!

Sara said...

Jessica!!!! That is freaking awesome!!! What did you use for the teeth? PS...I owe you money...I forgot to ask you about it again the other bad.