Friday, June 20, 2008

Good Bye Miss Laws

For most of the last six months I have been teaching AK with Katie.  She was the head teacher of Kindergarten, the post that I am now taking over.  She was full of new ideas that helped me become a better teacher, and kept me from  wanting to kill the children at the end of everyday.  She was sanity in the AK. She was the first of our group to leave and it made the end seem so very more near than expected.  I miss you Katie, and so do the kids, they all asked about you today.  When I said that you where back home they all cried and laid on the ground for the first 20 min of class. Not really but you could tell that they were sad, but that could have made for a better opening experience then usual, hahaha, you know what I mean.
All of her adoring fans.
Even I got teary eyed watching this, good luck Katie.

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Katie said...

thanks for posting Jess. i can't believe i am home and suffering from major cultural shock. not to mention every time i use the bathroom i try to throw away my toilet paper. luckily class was interesting and I didn't fall asleep. have fun on your trip. wish i was coming with you!