Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What you get attached to

About 2 weeks ago in AK (Afternoon Kindergarten) Katie was making magic wands (how she comes up with these super cute crafts after being here a year is beyond me) and  ordered ribbon to decorate them with.  But as it with ordering things here you sometimes don't get exactly what you order.  When opening the pink ribbon there was about 8 in of it. Now how do you decorate 16 kids magic wands with 8 in of pink ribbon? Answer, you don't.  So Katie being the total AK craft disaster veteran  that she is, improvised, and they turned out looking magical as always.  But what to do with that 8 in piece of ribbon? Katie after explaining the mishap in Art, gave it to me. So I tied it in a bow and ask, like a good AK teacher should, who wanted it. One of the only people that raised her hand was Amy.  I put the ribbon under one of her hair clips and she couldn't be happier.  But day after day in AK Amy shows up with that pink ribbon in her hair, its funny what a small thing it seemed like as the time, but how much it meant to her.

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