Friday, June 20, 2008


This last week of school we have been doing our own version on the summer Olympics. Everything went of swimmingly, well until the last day with the last group.  After the closing ceremonies there was a big Tug- of- War. Class against class, Students against teachers, Big against the little.  But at the end we had some-more time on our hands and did boys against girls.  About 20 plus on each side, it had the looks of one killer tug. But right after the whistle blew it was over. The rope snapped in half. I have always dreamed of such a thing, and it was exactly how I thought it would be, for the first 2 seconds.  Then the cries started. I turns out when people fall on top of one another, it hurts, who knew.  But for those 2 seconds it was magic. 

Who Knew that Asian Kids where so strong!

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Mary said...

1- you're doing an excellent job posting more. This is what I like to see. :)
2- I'm SO glad that you got that video! It's PERFECT!