Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Good Parts

Just in case so of you were wondering what Jessica was doing and didn't have time to call here are the good parts of the Last 2 months here, well some of them.
This is Ershway the place with the monkeys that we went, we hiked up stairs for about a half an hour and got this, it was worth it all, even with all the complaining, mostly from me, about being hot and sweaty.
Another trip was Lukong a traditional tourist trap, with all sorts of touristy crap to buy. Good thing I'm a tourist or I would have gotten really annoyed with the real thing living up to the Tourist guide four stars. But the shoes were cool.
The wine jar wall, we spent a good amount of time looking for that thing who knew that it would be behind a police station in the parking lot, and you couldn't even climb on it, it was bummer.
Oh, Mayday. My Taiwanese music addiction.  Most of the girl teachers went saw them in concert that ended up being amazing with 5 encores and a two hour concert being extend to four. LOVE. I even bought an new outfit and had my hair done for the outing, which was an experience in its self.
I was really, really excited, just in case you did not get that from the picture.
Mayday was not my first Taiwan concert, Andre Bocelli was. It was a wonderful night of Italian music in Taiwan and being surrounded for, maybe the first time, people who could not understand what people were saying , some how it made us almost equals for about two hours. 

Before we got to Ershway I played on some old trains, fun fun.
Walking up to the monkeys, and up and up....
The monkeys were cute, but the signs said that they had a kind of virus that if it infected a human was 75% fatal. So don't be fooled by the innocent act, he is a killer.
One weekend the whole crew went up to Taipei and yes we stuffed 5 teachers in  the back of a taxi. We were laughing and so was the driver.The first and I think the last pair of shoes I will buy in Taiwan. Being surrounded by feet binding chop-sticks has its draw backs, like paying a ridiculous sum for shoes that tore my feet apart that same day. (** The feet binding statement is false, but sometimes it feels true)
The Temple  Taipei reflected in the visitor center.
We went on a hike on that trip to Taipei called Elephant mountain.  It offered amazing views of Taipei 101, and the heat of course, don't forget the heat.
Well that is bit of what I have been up to, not even all the good parts. But I'll be here in Taiwan for the next six months just falling more in love with this country. ( Ha ha ha ha get it I'm in a LOVE sculpture in Taiwan, get it, whatever I'm cheesy )

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Audrey & Adam Cottam said...

Yay!! At long last a new post from my sister! I am so mad that you got to go see my boyfriend in concert! You do not even know how many night i fell asleep listening to my beloved Andrea!!! The rest of the stuff looks cool too!

Love ya~