Friday, June 20, 2008

Miss Jessie's Red Specks

Since I'm is Taiwan for the next 6 months, it was about time I stated to look the part. This last week I bought a pair of super awesome red specks from the night market, and well, I rock them.
But it turns out that when I were them to Kindergarten everyone laughs. Even though these children mock me everyday, the glasses are something more tangible.   Since they were laughing at me for waring crazy glasses, I made them put them so everyone could share in the experience.  Mostly I bribed them with, "If you ware my glasses you can take a picture with Miss Jessie's camera".  It worked and they look terrific.  And my  camera was neither dropped, stepped on, or mutated in any way, so it was a win win for everyone. 
This is Jack, he was the one of the first ones that I convinced that they where cool. He's cute, but in his case looks are very much deceiving.
On the other hand Elva is cute no matter way you look at her.  She is leaving for a year and well AK will not be the same without  her.

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