Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hong Kong Day 4

Sunday October 12th

We woke up when we felt like it Sunday morning. Since the General Conference broadcast was being shone in Asia we didn't really have any where to go. We got all pretty and hoped on the Star Ferry to cross the bay to Hong Kong it was a fun little ride, and a change from the MRT that we had been taking. After disembarking we ran to catch the next ferry to see the big buddha about 30 min away. I didn't realize that after getting off the boat we had to ride a bus around very narrow roads for the next 30 min to get there. But I believe that it was totally worth it. It is the biggest sitting buddha in Asia, and we couldn't bring any meat with you on the grounds. We checked out the surrounding temples and I was almost blinded by all the burning that was going on.

Here's the ferry and the pier that we were on.

After our Sunday nap we took a walking tour around Hong Kong. We saw some of the main buildings, and Hong Kong Park. It didn't take as long as we thought even with getting lost a few times.

Of corse is had to pose it up. I just can't help myself.

The last thing that we did was the Light Show. We had been told that is was this amazing thing that is a must see while in Hong Kong. But I guess the speakers were out for the music, and to me is was some lame lasers and lights blinking across the bay. But I least I can say that I did it. After doing so much the last few days we took the night to relax in the cupboard, and pack our thing for the next day. By this point I had some pretty awesome blisters on my feet, and I was happy to relax for a bit.

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Clay and Brittany Drown said...

Awww the memories! Our bus ride to see the Buddha was one of the most fun parts of our trip! The driver's seat had come loose and every time we'd hit a bump he would fly up and his seat would make these really loud squeaky noises. It was HILARIOUS because he had a serious face on the entire time! Anyway- looks like it was busy when you went! We only saw 4 people there when we went.