Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hong Kong Day 2

Friday October 10th

We got up late. I kept waking up thinking that it must be so early because there was no light, or very little coming from the little window in our little room. When we realized that it was time to get up it was 10 am. We packed up and moved our things across the hall in to a slightly bigger room with two beds. We took the MRT to main Hong Kong island and decided to go to the south side to see the bay and do some shopping.

We ended up kinda finding our way into a mall, and into bakery( in the bakery they had the most amazing chocolate donut things ever, we went back a few times to get more) before we continued to wonder to try and find our bus. But in the mist of becoming very confused, a man stopped and asked us what we were looking for. People are just so nice, you don't even need to ask for help they just give it. With his help we found the double decker bus we were looking for and we were off. I was very excited to be starting this trip off well and we amazed at how beautiful and lush Hong Kong was.

We got to Standly Market and did some souvenir shopping and walked around the bay.
Nether of us felt like swimming but it was still nice to look at non the less.

It was hot and we were tired of walking around and hungry. We stopped at a cheap and amazing Chinese restaurant and ate lunch, and then headed back to the cupboard. We were both extremely tired, most likely form the squeaky night sleep that we had gotten the night before, so we napped. I had my first pants fitting after we got up. I loved it. Being kinda doted on and pampered was nice. If I had money I'd get things made for myself all the time. After we did some shopping around where our cupboard was, and went to bed early, hoping this time to get an early start the next morning.

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