Sunday, October 26, 2008

Enrichment, and a movie

This Weekend the ward invited the wife one of a man that one of the teachers does a language exchange with (Whao!) to teach us how to make dumplings. We met at the chapel near near the school and had a good old time, and ate dumplings till we though we where going to burst.

It turns out that most people that attend Berhan are related some how. So we also had 3 of the kids we teach there as well( were all cousins).

After we got back we all were hanging out digesting when in walks in our boss, no knock, no call, no warning. She dose own the school that we live on the 4th floor of but still it was strange. I guess she was trying to figure out how to get a huge water pump up to the fourth floor. She decided that my room would be the easiest. She had some workers pop out my window, move my stuff and drill in my ceiling so they could hoist it up though my window. But in the end it didn't work out and I was left with my room in disarray and concrete dust on the floor.

Later in the Afternoon I and another teacher when to the the new Carrefour in Feng Yuen( eat your hearts out old teachers). It was almost like being home, except for all the Taiwanese. Carrefour is French Superstore and has lots of European foods to tied me over till I get back home.

And that Evening we went to see a new Taiwanese move called Cape 7. It was cute, but could have been a lot better. But the best part of the evening was getting my picture taken with James Bond. He is the epitome of manliness. I can't wait to see the movie when it comes out next month.

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Audrey & Adam Cottam said...

It looks like those kids really love you! But then again who doesn't?