Thursday, October 2, 2008

1/2 Way to Home

I can't believe that I'm half way done with my second semester!  How did that Happen? I was thinking today of how fast it's all gone.  That it was just yesterday when all my good friends left, and I started over.  I will have been gone a year when I get home.  What's a year? It doesn't seem very long. Time is a funny thing.  It brings us things, and takes things way. It seems that when we are young we can't wait for the things age will bring us. And we are old we dread the things time will take away. I  have to stop waiting for the  next thing to happen.   I  know how much time I have on this little Island.  I will not waste it. I will use it, I will love each moment as an opportunity to do more and become more than I thought I could be.  

Heres' to the next 3 months!  You'll be better than the last.

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Audrey & Adam Cottam said...

Time flyes! Especially when you get older! All the days seem to blur together! It is a little scary sometimes!

I cant wait to see you!